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See a new, full view of Pluto in high resolution

See a new, full view of Pluto in high resolution


New mosaic shows another unprecedented view

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Just a few short months ago we had almost no idea what Pluto really looked like. These days we’re looking at it unprecedented detail, thanks to the New Horizons spacecraft's successful flyby in July. The team that operates New Horizons recently started the year-long download of the remainder of the spacecraft's data, and the early returns are phenomenal. Case in point — yesterday afternoon, the New Horizons team uploaded almost 40 new high-resolution images of the dwarf planet to the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory website. The image you see above is a mosaic of those images that was created by The Verge, but you’re really going to want to see the epic, high-resolution version here.

While we already saw a few high-resolution images of the surface of Pluto back in July, this new mosaic gives us the most detailed look yet at the dwarf planet in its entirety. It certainly won’t be the last look, though — there's surely another one buried in that mountain of data that's still aboard the spacecraft, and there’s a very good chance that NASA (or the New Horizons team) will release its own, official version of the mosaic at some point. Until then, click, zoom, and enhance!