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Watch your favorite Star Wars characters die adorable 8-bit deaths

The Star Wars movies aren't terribly violent, so when a major character dies, the series tends to make it count. To honor those memorable scenes, YouTube channel pipocaVFX has created this adorable 8-bit video supercut of some of the best deaths. Be warned, there is a death from every movie. Yes, that means The Force Awakens.

I know what you're thinking: "not another Star Wars supercut / mashup video!" We all just shared in a months-long fever dream leading up to the release of The Force Awakens, and the idea of extending that in the first few weeks of 2016 sounds like a chore. But this video feels different, mostly thanks to the commitment to the 8-bit theme. The tiny animations are swift and smooth (and would have made great AIM buddy icons back in the early 2000s), and the music and sound effects sound like they came straight out of an NES. (Okay, maybe they're a bit better than that.)

If anything, the video leaves me wanting more. There are many other deaths, some that are much more brutal, that I'd love to see reduced to this cutesy 8-bit format. Maybe pipocaVFX can make a sequel. Or turn this idea into a trilogy. Or better yet, an anthology series. Wait, no — an expanded universe!