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Kodak's CEO gave me the coolest business card I've ever seen

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Film is alive and well (in the wallets of Kodak executives)

Kodak dropped one of the most interesting announcements of CES this week when it unveiled a Super 8 camera — yes, one that uses real 8mm film. It's the first one Kodak's made since 1982, and it's an extremely welcome improvement over the awful, random products that have carried the Kodak brand in recent years.

I spent a few minutes speaking to Kodak's CEO Jeff Clarke yesterday about why the company made the camera (which you can watch below). Moments before he jumped on stage, both he and Kodak's global chief marketing officer handed me their business cards — which, yes, is still a thing that happens at CES — and I went weak in the knees. Neither of them were actual cards. Instead, they were the strips of 35mm film that you see above. [Ed. note: phone numbers and email addresses have been altered or removed]

Film may be dying or dead in the real world, depending on who you ask. But in the wallets of Kodak’s executives, film is alive and fashionable.

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