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Alolan Dugtrio is the latest pokémon to achieve meme stardom

Alolan Dugtrio is the latest pokémon to achieve meme stardom


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The demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon dropped last night, and boy, is it full of surprises! Not only did it leak the entire pokédex, revealing that there will be 800 pokémon in Sun and Moon, it also gave us a preview of the most fabulous new pokémon out there: the Alolan Dugtrio.

The Alolan Dugtrio is literally just a surfed-up Dugtrio who has found the best deep-conditioner that works for her. I would really like to know what products she uses, so girl, spill!

The internet has predictably run wild with this discovery, my favorite of them being this very true observation:

I'd like to use this opportunity to submit a formal rebuttal to my colleague Andrew Webster's claim that "All the new pokémon are bad." Pokémon Sun and Moon doesn't even come out until November 18th, but the new pokémon have already become meme stars in their own right.

Exhibit A, the Alolan Dugtrio

Exhibit B, the Alola Exeggutor

Exhibit C, Tsareena

And with that, me and my new Alolan Dugtrio friends are gonna go grab some coconut waters, get back on San Vicente, take it to the 10 then switch over to the 405 North and just like, chill in our Airbnb yurt for a quick yoga sesh.