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Somebody tell 2002 Kelly Rowland you can't send texts with Excel

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2002 was a strange time in America: Beyoncé and Jay Z just went public with their relationship, Michael Jordan was playing for the Washington Wizards, and Mark Zuckerberg was still a coder for hire.

But one of the year's most confounding moments happened during the music video of Nelly's Grammy-award winning track "Dilemma" featuring Kelly Rowland. The video depicts Rowland contemplating the "Dilemma" of leaving her current boyfriend for Nelly. Near the end of the video, Rowland checks her Nokia 9290 PDA / phone for a text, but not in the messaging app — in Excel. Yes, that Excel.

How did this mistake happen and go unnoticed by the many label executives, managers, directors, and editors that saw the video before it was released? No one knows. But seeing as this is the biggest song of both Nelly and Kelly Rowland's careers (surprisingly "Hot in Herre" isn't Nelly's biggest song) this GIF will live on in perpetuity, confusing teens for the rest of time.