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    McDonald’s has a Nutella burger that oozes chocolate

    Do not be alarmed, your burger is designed to ooze like that

    mcdonald's nutella burger
    Sweety con Nutella

    As I watch a sandwich secrete sweet goop, I am reminded of a website I love. The fun (but crudely named) This is why you’re fat used to collate the most outrageous food combinations that humans splice together. McDonald’s latest dessert, available only in Italy, is called the Sweety con Nutella, and has the shape and soft buns of a regular burger, but instead of a uniform slab of beef in the middle, it has a big gooey center of Nutella hazelnut and cocoa spread. This carb-heavy feast would surely get a place on the This is why you’re fat Reddit, if not the original site.

    Like the regular McDonald’s burger, the Sweety con Nutella is smaller than it appears in pictures, though it still finds enough room to fit 256 calories per serving. If you want to look on the positive side of its nutritional info sheet, the treat does provide 1.9 grams of dietary fiber, so if you devour 13.2 Sweetys, you’d reach your daily fiber intake goal as determined by the American Heart Association.

    Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reception that the Sweety con Nutella has received on McDonald’s Facebook page, it’s not completely unreasonable to think it might make its way out of Italy and to other chocolate-loving places (which is basically the whole rest of the world). Crazier things have happened. Mostly this year.