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Checking in on some 2010 Twitter predictions about 2016

Checking in on some 2010 Twitter predictions about 2016



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Bad things have happened around the globe forever, but many people are saying that 2016 was especially bad. Where did we go wrong? I decided to look back at some Twitter predictions from 2010 — a Goldilocks year of sorts where there weren’t too many tweets to sift through, but enough to produce some wonderful guesses.

FlashForward was a short-lived television show that aired on ABC. It was one of many shows that ABC and other major networks greenlit in hopes of finding the next LOST. Spoiler alert: none of them really ever found the next LOST. (HBO might have with Westworld, for better or worse.) To solve Carl’s mystery: December 12th was Ding-a-Ling day, and Donald Trump gave some bad people more power.

In 2010 Kevin promised Ashton Kutcher that in 2016, as president, he’d roll out a slimmer 30 hour work week with a longer weekend for Americans. Kevin did not win the 2016 election but judging who did and how, this platform would have been enough to get him some votes!

I’m willing to guess 2016 drove lots of people to drinking so, yes.

People were very interested in space launches over the last six years, especially when we sent a car-sized robot to the surface of Mars and used rockets, a sky crane, and a giant parachute to land it. And 2016 was a particularly fantastic year for space exploration. Yay space!

As of writing this, Eric here has 1,999 followers. Congrats Eric!

Lauren was right. The Second Avenue Subway, a NYC public works project with a very long and tortured history, is opening on January 1st, 2017. As for the rest of the world...

At first glance I thought I found viral gold with this tweet. Instead, Kahlil was tweeting about boxer Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao was actually elected as a Senator, not President, of the Philippines this year. Pacquiao has also said some terrible things about the LGBT community, which you can find in section 12.4 of his Wikipedia page, listed below other sections like “Acting Career,” and “Basketball.”

Swing and a miss. Super Bowl 50 happened this year, but the No Fun League (did I do that right SB Nation?) ditched the Roman numerals this year in favor of regular old numbers. I guess the league was happier being Spartan.

2016 was definitely not as futuristic as people in the 1980s thought it would be, so Ros made nothing but correct calls in this tweet.

Cheating a bit with the date here but: Oops.