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Kanye West should honor Einstein by changing his album name back to Waves

Kanye West should honor Einstein by changing his album name back to Waves

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For a brief moment in the history of time, Kanye West's upcoming album was going to be called Waves. It was an audible from Swish that lasted just two weeks and one tweetstorm (the current album name is abbreviated TLOP, which we're pretty confident means True Love Over Physics).

On Monday at 2PM ET, Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced a press conference that many believe will confirm the existence of gravitational waves hypothesized by Albert Einstein some 100 years ago. That press conference is happening on Thursday, February 11th — the same day Kanye is releasing his new album. Just 13 hours before LIGO's announcement, Kanye dropped the name Waves.

Now, we're not suggesting that Kanye indirectly broke any embargo (although celebrities knowing stuff before the rest of the world is a time-honored tradition) nor are we saying he has ties to the Illuminati (that's more a Beyoncé thing, and besides, West already went on the record last year denying any ties to the famous conspiratorial entity). We are, however, suggesting that Kanye keep ​Waves​. It's a way to pay tribute to one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, and it'll make aesthetic sense if the album ends up influenced by space disco or ​kosmische. (Nothing ripples space-time like an hour of German synthesizer noodling.)

Who knows? Maybe Kanye was about to prove Einstein's theories before LIGO but wasn't able to finish his bibliography on time. Whatever the case, the new Kanye album and LIGO's findings are both set to drop tomorrow.

Honestly, he should've kept his first album title, So Help Me God Particle.