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This music video is a vulgar ode to retro video games

This music video is a vulgar ode to retro video games


Arcade fire from Canadian band PUP

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If you like fast, catchy, punk rock music and have never heard of PUP — welcome. The Toronto-based band is one album deep into what is already a fast-rising and fun career, and a second album is on the way. A few weeks back, to feed their rabid fans, the band released a new track called "DVP"; today the band unveiled the song's video, an ode to retro video games.

The "DVP" video mashes up scenes from dozens of classic games, and at the same time the lyrics are cleverly placed into text bubbles and other scenery. (The fonts even match!) But it would be dismissive to categorize this as a "lyric video," because it's clear that director Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux (who has directed or edited many of PUP's other videos, all of which are excellent) didn't just pick scenes at random. Each pairing is sardonic, funny, or both: April O'Neil reporting underneath a text bubble that says "Yeah, I'd be better off dead"; Princess Peach telling her savior, Mario, "I don't give a shit"; Kung Lao celebrating slicing Jax in half by singing "Wooooooh."

The video features so many games that it's hard to count. Let us know which ones you spot in the comments — here's our list to get you started!

Super Mario Bros.

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

Super Mario Bros. 3

Street Fighter


Mortal Kombat


Terminator 2



Pole Position

American Gladiators

Super Mario Kart


Earthworm Jim

Oregon Trail