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This Medieval map of Mars is actually accurate

This Medieval map of Mars is actually accurate


An otherworldly take on another world

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Mars has never looked more otherworldly than it does in this new Medieval-style map of the planet's surface. We might be pretty familiar with the Red Planet these days thanks to all the robot selfies, breathtaking panoramas, and 360-degree images that are beamed back to us on a daily basis. But much like all the other worlds we've only virtually visited, Mars will feel like a mythical place until we step foot on its surface — making it a perfect match for the Dungeons & Dragons style that's being conjured up by this map.

The map was hand drawn by Eleanor Lutz, a designer known for slick and informative infographics like "How to build a human." Lutz made the map by blending that old-world aesthetic with actual topographic imagery from NASA, cartography from the US Geological Survey's Astrogeology Science center, and official names from the International Astronomical Union.

Lutz even marked out four different robotic landing sites. Red stamps show where NASA's Viking 1, Pathfinder / Sojourner, and Opportunity rovers landed, and also point out the site of the Soviet Union's failed Mars 6 lander, which crashed in 1974. There's plenty more detail — every crater is not only labeled, but Lutz also includes where the names come from — so be sure to view the full-resolution image.

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