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Olympic skier will use a car and a jetpack suit to become the fastest man on skis

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Jaguar is trying to help Olympic skier Graham Bell become the world's fastest man on skis, the company announced at the Geneva Motor Show. Bell hopes to reach speeds upwards of 180 miles per hour next year, which would break the world downhill speed skiing record by more than 20 miles per hour.

Bell won't just be using gravity to generate that speed, though. First, he plans to have an all-wheel-drive Jaguar XE tow him to 100 miles per hour, an art known as "skijoring." (Seriously.) Once he passes 100 miles per hour, small jets on his ski suit will ignite to take him the rest of the way to a world record. Yes — Bell wants to literally jet ski.

He wants to literally jet ski

"As engineering challenges go it doesn’t get more unique than this, so the next few months are going to be very exciting," states Ian Anderton, a thermal and aerodynamics manager for Jaguar Land Rover who can now joyously add "jet-powered ski suit design" to his LinkedIn skills.

Bell and Jaguar aren't going to make the official attempt until "early 2017," mostly because it sounds like the jet suit hasn't been built yet. Once it's completed, Bell will aim to set the absurdly specific world record at Jaguar’s winter testing facility in Sweden. To make that wait less agonizing, here are some more awesome videos of competitive skijoring.