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The official Lisa Frank Facebook page is an internet safe space for aggressively positive memes

The official Lisa Frank Facebook page is an internet safe space for aggressively positive memes


'Pilates? I thought you said Pie & Lattes!'

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Consider your average internet meme. In a world of crying Jordans and Mr. Krabs blur memes, is there any place left on the internet that doesn't thrive off of laughing at someone else's misery?

The answer is yes. 770,000+ Facebook fans are already in the know, blessed with a delightful, technicolored meme in their News Feeds every day. For your spiritual and emotional well-being, I humbly submit to you the Official Lisa Frank Facebook page.

If you were a child of the '90s who loved being blinded by color, you will be thrilled to know that Lisa Frank has made the seamless transition from rainbow Trapper Keepers to motivational internet memes. They range from unapologetic encouragement...

lisa frank donut the endearingly nonsensical.

lisa frank abs

I would usually encourage people to stay away from reading any kind of comments on the internet in general, but the Facebook comments for these sparkly JPEG treasures are just as good as the memes they supplement. Beneath each image, you'll find a wide variety of personalities, including:

  • Friends tagging their BFFs for a little bit of daily motivation and loving support, which is just a genuinely nice sight to see
  • Young folks who tag their BFFs ironically, but not really, because they actually totally love their BFFS and Lisa Frank
  • Lisa Frank truthers who want to believe there's a deeper philosophical meaning that lies within these cryptic messages: "This is powerful post modern art with an almost transcendentalist vibe. Seriously."
  • Moms who just learned about the internet and are pining for nostalgic days by responding back to Lisa herself: "Very good reminder, Lisa! Take work seriously, but remember to have fun and do the things you love just as often! It takes a good balance to keep a person sane and mentally stable!"

I am in full support of this Facebook page and this post is my official petition to declare that we, as users of the internet, should work together toward wholesome memes. The last positive meme I can remember was Damn Daniel– in which a teen voiced enthusiastic approval for his friend's sartorial choices and pristine shoes– and the poor kid who made the viral video was bombarded by a swatting hoax because nothing good can last. I know I'm not alone here in my quest to Make The Internet A Better Place, and here are the receipts:

wholesome meme


I like to think that somewhere in her Tucson, Arizona warehouse, Lisa Frank is putting in overtime, graphic-designing the shit out of these memes. "Another banger, Lise," she smiles to herself as she sips her coffee and hits publish.

**P.S. If you can't get enough of Lisa Frank the woman, legend, and myth(ical creature), this insane investigative piece and short documentary on "The World of Lisa Frank" are essential places to start.