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Watch us brutally destroy Titan’s 'indestructible' USB cable

Watch us brutally destroy Titan’s 'indestructible' USB cable


Challenge accepted

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At The Verge, we take challenges seriously. When a colleague says we can't drink a gallon of milk in an hour, we drink that milk till we faint. When our dentist says proper dental hygiene requires brushing twice a day, we brush five times a day. And when a company claims it's made an indestructible charging cable, we destroy it — or at least we try to.

Fuse Chicken made such a statement. So we ordered a wire and put it to the test.

Granted, we immediately went from gently tying it in a knot to attacking the cable with a sword. It might be fair to say we went from 0–60 mph. And when we visited EXOvault in Brooklyn, we pushed it to a metaphorical 120 mph.

That being said, this is a damn charging cable — not a climbing cable meant to keep you from falling down a cliff. The packaging should probably say "indestructible within reasonable, everyday life events," but that doesn't quite roll off the tongue as easily.

Your dog won't eat through it, you won't break it by tripping on it multiple times, and it's pretty awesome if you want to set up your phone's GPS and stand the device up using nothing but the cable. The cable is $35 on Fuse Chicken's website. While we don't suggest holding it up to a chainsaw, if you really want to use it for pull ups then go for it.