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Young Hodor made a beautiful ballad about being Young Hodor

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I've only seen the first season of Game of Thrones and as such miss out on a lot of memes. But fortunately, last week's Hodor / hold the door revelation was so easy for even the uninitiated to understand that I was able to enjoy the endless stream of bad jokes that popped up on Twitter.

But what do I really know about Hodor? Nothing! I've just been laughing at bad puns on the internet — at least until approximately 30 minutes ago when I was introduced to a deeply emotional ballad sung by one Sam Coleman, aka Young Hodor himself.

The song is told from the perspective of Young Hodor and has caught me up on more or less everything one needs to know to both laugh and cry at all recent Hodor jokes. Now I can appreciate the misery Game of Thrones fans have been feeling without committing to 50-some hours of a TV show. I can only assume that listening to this will be far more emotional for actual Game of Thrones fans, because I'm feeling this song and I just found out there even is someone named Young Hodor last week.

Ideally, all major Game of Thrones plot twists from here on out will be accompanied with a brief explanatory song written and performed by the actor central to the twist. This will save people like myself a lot of time and embarrassment at having to ask Game of Thrones fans what on Earth is going on week to week.

At the very least, here's hoping that Young Hodor and Old Hodor will team up on a great new fantasy ballad / club banger.

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