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Jeremy Clarkson unveils the logo for The Grand Tour, the old Top Gear crew's new show

Jeremy Clarkson unveils the logo for The Grand Tour, the old Top Gear crew's new show

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Jeremy Clarkson, noted bully and former host of popular BBC car show Top Gear, just tweeted out the logo for his new show The Grand Tour. The new show, which premieres on Amazon Prime Instant Video this fall, will feature him and his fellow former Top Gear hosts James May and Richard Hammond galavanting around the world, driving cars, and engaging in their special brand of wacky hijinks. (The latter of which, in the past, has had a tendency to skew pretty racist.)

Clarkson was forcibly Brexited from the old Top Gear show more than a year ago after he assaulted a producer, but it didn't take long for his fellow hosts to follow him away from the BBC. The crew have been filming the new show for Amazon since early last fall, and these slow-drip teases of The Grand Tour must be agonizing for what fans they might have left.

It's likely that the new show will never be as good as the old one, but it's also possible that it won't even matter, because all the while the competition has been crumbling. The BBC decided to continue Top Gear without Clarkson, Hammond, and May, but the reincarnation has been nothing short of a total disaster. The ratings are awful, and it has about a million different hosts, some of whom the dwindling audience absolutely hates, and others who are already (reportedly) threatening to leave. Meanwhile, just yesterday, the US version of Top Gear that you probably totally forgot even existed was canceled after completing its sixth season.

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