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T-Mobile CEO John Legere fully embraces his cartoon ego in this montage

He may not be Batman, but he's trying!

We've given T-Mobile's CEO a lot of flak for his thirsty shenanigans over the years — including his company's reckless disregard for the principles of net neutrality — but the guy's brand is undeniably the most compelling in the wireless industry. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson? Verizon Wireless CEO John Stratton? Never heard of 'em. But T-Mobile CEO John Legere really is a well-known character, at least among people who care about things like wireless industry bluster. And his latest video is delightfully over-the-top.

Accompanying T-Mobile's announcement of its latest "uncarrier" event on Monday, June 6th, the company released this video that fully captures the foul-mouthed, industry-bashing, Batman-wannabe brand that Legere has worked hard to cultivate since 2013. It's a spot-on, self-aware montage of Legere's persona, and it actually distinguishes Legere from the inane cynicism of his competitors. Let's just hope "Uncarrier 11" isn't another scheme to mess with the internet.