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Grown man cheats at Pokémon Go with help from drone

Grown man cheats at Pokémon Go with help from drone


This is very unethical but I want in on this

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The Pokémon Go craze is real, and it's forcing ghastly pale nerds like me who have never felt the kiss of Earth's sun to catch some dang virtual pokémans. (Other plural forms of Pokémon include Pokémen and Pokésmons.)

An unexpected side effect of Pokémon Go has been accidental exercise, as shown in this Gizmodo article documenting dozens of players reporting sore legs from walking around. One Pokémon Go player found a sneaky way around this pandemic, by strapping his Android to a DJI Phantom drone and mirroring his phone screen on his laptop using a program called AirDroid.

Look at this Cheaty McCheaterface, who asked Reddit if this MacGuyvered Pokémon Go setup was cheating, knowing FULL WELL WHAT IT IS:

Um, absolutely it is cheating! And yet I understand his infringing of the tacit rules of pokémon husbandry. When the game requires you trek all over town to hit up pokéstops and gyms and wander around aimlessly hoping for a rare pokémon other than a Doduo or Rattata to show up, it gets old fast. The egg incubator which tracks how much distance you've walked also won't count toward hatching your egg if you're in a car or train. A drone could fly slowly enough to trick the phone to think you're walking, so this solution is actually hilariously ingenious. And a cheat — let’s not forget it’s a cheat.

Yes, I am aware this is a franchise originally created for children, and a grown man devising a dastardly "Team Rocket scheme to capture pokémon" in a game meant to unify people IRL is shameful. But you know what? I don't care. Games aren’t just for kids anymore. Games are for adults too: cold, unfeeling, dastardly adults.

When Pokémon Go eventually starts letting players trade pokémon, I want to be first in line to get all of this guy's extras. So hyperion995, please hit me up.

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