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Nintendo's new NES Classic is an excellent deal

Nintendo's new NES Classic is an excellent deal

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Nintendo announced today that it was bringing back the NES, as the NES Classic Edition with a smaller box, HDMI support, and a new controller that can also be used to play NES games on the Wii U Virtual Console.

But is $59.99 really worth it for 30 NES games? Well, looking at the included titles — all of which cost $4.99 on Nintendo’s eShop (or 500 Wii Shop Points, if you’re still using a Wii in the year 2007) — and doing some simple multiplication seems to indicate yes.

If there are 12 games you like, the NES Classic is probably for you

With Nintendo’s pricing, buying all 30 games on a Wii U, 3DS, or Wii would cost you $149.70, making the NES Classic a $89.71 savings, without even factoring in the cost of a Wii U. In other words, if there are at least 12 games out of the 30 in Nintendo’s collection here that you’d want to be able to play again without dealing with the murky legality of ROM emulation, the NES Classic is probably for you.

However, price aside, the Wii U does have some advantages over the NES Classic, like internet connectivity; the ability to play games released after 1994; the option to purchase other NES, SNES, GBA, N64, and Gamecube games in the Virtual Console library outside of Nintendo’s curated list of 30; Splatoon; and multiplayer with more than a single friend (but really, who has more then one friend?).

A carefully selected slice of nostalgia awaits you on November 11th when the NES Classic Edition is released.

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