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Bill Clinton loves balloons more than anything

Bill Clinton loves balloons more than anything

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Last night at the Democratic National Convention, we learned a number of things. Chelsea Clinton kind of sounds like Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries if you close your eyes and squint your ears. "Believing in science" is somehow not a given for a presidential candidate in 2016. And most importantly, Bill Clinton, possible future First Gentleman of the United States, loves balloons.

Bill Clinton loves balloons truly, madly, deeply. He loves them like they are the morning sun and the evening moon. He loves them the way most people love finding a $50 bill in their winter coat. The internet, a collection of humans with the skill to purify crude wells of joy into barrels of pure energizing happiness, did excellent work with this revelation.

Bill Clinton wasn't the only one losing it over the giant Chuck E. Cheese balloon pit for adults though:

And of course, the star of the night and demolisher of glass ceilings couldn't help it either:

There's really nothing better than seeing the faces of pure joy and delight on full-grown adults partaking in balloon festivities with childlike glee. I'd have the same reaction too if I were somehow a politician who's worked her entire career to earn her title as the first woman to be nominated by a major party, and then a large quantity of balloons rained down on my face!