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This remote-control Warthog fires off 12 Nerf balls in half a second

This remote-control Warthog fires off 12 Nerf balls in half a second


A giant flying tank that kills... grass?

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An A-10 Warthog, for those of you who don't know, is a giant flying tank. Which is not an exaggeration. Except it kills other tanks. With a Gatling-type 30mm cannon that can fire off 4,200 rounds per minute.

Now picture a mini, remote-controlled version of the Warthog — one that fires Nerf balls instead. That's what YouTube user AJW61185 did, by combining a "stripped down Nerf Rival Zeus blaster into the nose of an old FreeWing A-10."

The video, which was first picked up by Jalopnik, shows the R/C Warthog firing off 12 Nerf balls in less than half a second (because you'll miss them if you blink, I've picked out some time codes for you: the thing spits up Nerf at around 0:19, 1:02, and 1:16. And if you want to just see how this person rigged the Nerf blaster, jump ahead to the 2:00 minute mark.)

As the video headline states this thing is, shall we say, awesome, but not everyone can afford to buy an R/C A-10 Warthog off eBay. Good news is, you can still fly a Warthog, sort of: when I mentioned the Nerf-hog to The Verge's executive editor Dieter Bohn, he immediately pulled up this YouTube video of an old 1989 PC-based A-10 tank killer simulator. We haven't tried to install it yet, but if you want to, be forewarned that it takes up a whopping 3.2MB of space.