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    A very New York evening at the 10th annual Cat Fashion Show

    A very New York evening at the 10th annual Cat Fashion Show

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    The Algonquin Hotel in New York City is famed for hosting America’s celebrities, billionaires, and social elites. Many of these stars reappeared at last night's 10th annual Cat Fashion Show, albeit in feline form. The evening’s theme — "Through the Decades" — honored the "iconic looks of the hotel’s most famous guests and patrons, including Al Hirschfeld, Michael Feinstein, Marilyn Monroe, John Barrymore and many more."

    Our video director Phil Esposito and I were lucky enough to attend the soiree, and get up close with the A-list models in the green room. There were a lot of nerves, but these cats were pros. Guests dutifully captured the furry creatures for Instagram.

    cat fashion show! #catfashionshow

    alenanews(@alenanews)님이 게시한 사진님,

    The outfits were all designed by F.I.T.-certified pet fashion designer Ada Nieves. She hand-selected which cat models would grace the runway, so I knew we were seeing the best of the best. How could you argue with someone whose body of work includes costuming the Katy Perry-inspired Kitty halftime show at the Puppy Bowl XI?

    The night felt like a perfect encapsulation of old-school New York glitz and glamour. I watched the show as a woman behind me screamed in a thick New Yawk accent at her elderly but timid cat-loving mother to "Go look at the cats!" At that very moment in time, a man was scaling the Trump Tower with suction cups.

    The fashion show has never been without its critics, though. After all, the show combines all the things cats hate the most (being dressed up like Joe d'MEWggio, bright flashing lights, irate New Yorkers, attention). I told myself it was for a good cause, though: 100 percent of the proceeds from each $50 ticket go to benefit the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

    The Algonquin's official mascot Matilda had a few choice words for doubters on her official Facebook page:

    cat fashion show

    The talking cat has a point, FURiends.