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Read Bojack Horseman creator's quietly devastating Marge Simpson fanfiction

Read Bojack Horseman creator's quietly devastating Marge Simpson fanfiction

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Bojack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg is responsible for one of TV's most eccentric and brilliant shows. Gifted with the ability to make us empathize with an alcoholic, self-centered, depressive talking horse, he has extended his talents to musing on another character from an alternate animated universe: Marge Simpson.

A 15-tweet poem he wrote in July (and thankfully exhumed by The A.V. Club) begins with an examination of Marge's social life. Here's the tweetstorm as it appeared on the Tumblr of its creator.


As a fan of both Bojack Horseman and classic reruns of the Simpsons, I will not stand for this! The Simpsons at heart has always been about the love of family, no matter how dumb Homer's antics may be.

Yes, it's a haunting, beautifully written poem that gives us a glimpse of what Marge's private thoughts might look like. And sometimes there is a sadness behind Marge, especially in the many times when she's overlooked or underestimated. But these projections of Marge's inner monologue continue a long tradition of other people (like her sisters who are constantly telling her to leave Homer) dictating to her how she should feel.

Marge may not be cool (okay, she's actually pretty lame, but in an endearing way!), but she's still the glue holding the family together. Whether it's teaching Lisa the harsh truth about being a woman, or trying to cheer up Bart by krumping, to paint Marge as an unhappy housewife would be the most inaccurate portrayal that goes against everything The Simpsons stands for.

You may have broken my heart with Bojack Horseman, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, but please, leave Marge alone!