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The Dragonite and Charizard video is just the tip of the dancing pokémon iceberg

The Dragonite and Charizard video is just the tip of the dancing pokémon iceberg


Why are these pokémon better at dancing than me?

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Earlier this week, Redditor bcassalino uploaded a gif of two pokémon, Dragonite and Charizard, performing a surprisingly elaborate dance routine. Titled "No time to explain, let’s dance," the post received thousands of upvotes, and eventually spilled onto Twitter, where people set the clip to song that aligned perfectly with the choreography.

Some personal favorites include Ariana Grande’s "Into You," and Juvenile’s "Back that Ass Up."

Buried beneath the variations is the original video by Thai artist MMDSatoshi. The animator makes 3D models inspired by many pop brands, from pokémon to Zootopia, using Metasequoia and PmxEditor. With the freeware animation program Miku Miku Dance, he then animates these fan fiction dance sensations. (As the title of the dance software suggests, the program was originally made for the vocaloid character Hatsune Miku; searching "MMD" on YouTube will lead you down a dangerous path of the most insane fan-made videos.)

If you’re in the market for more pokémon dance videos, it’s your lucky day, pal! MMDSatoshi’s creations are still inspiring new variations, many captured in arguably the single best use of Twitter's Moments feature.

I never thought I’d find anything that fits smack dab in the Venn diagram of my two interests — pokémon and choreographed dances — but here we are. I’ll be learning all of these moves in my room tonight if anyone wants to come over.