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Web series gets nominated for Emmy, makes fun of other Emmy nominees

Web series gets nominated for Emmy, makes fun of other Emmy nominees

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The TV Academy opened up its Emmy Awards to include shortform categories this past March, which expanded potential nominees to YouTube producers, artists at AdultSwim, and elsewhere in the land of new media. Among the nominees for an Emmy in Outstanding Short Form Variety Series is the Honest Trailers series from ScreenJunkies.

Honest Trailers is a consistently hilarious YouTube series that nails all the clichés in today's movie trailers, complete with the perfect growly narrations of the typical Movie Trailer Voiceover Guy. The channel has over 5.6 million subscribers, and most memorably cast Ryan Reynolds to parody his own movie in the "Deadpool (Feat. Deadpool)" video.

In the spot-on spoof above, Honest Trailers takes on this year's Emmy nominees in what is perhaps the first time a nominee has poked fun at other nominees through the very medium it was nominated for. Is that allowed? It is now!

That's the miracle of digital storytelling!

"With more than 400 scripted shows on television, no voter on earth has time to watch them all," the trailer jokes.

In watching, you can also learn new details about the shows you missed, like the fact that Blackish is made by the creator of America's Next Top Model, or that a better name for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt would be "Wacky Room."

Honest Trailers is up against other web series like Epic Rap Battles and Funny or Die's Gay of Thrones. You can read the full list of the Emmy nominations here, and watch the broadcast on September 18th.