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Intel’s office of the future is a micromanaging monster

Intel’s office of the future is a micromanaging monster


Yeah... no, thanks!

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Intel is building an ambitious new office building in Israel’s Petah Tikva, which will house 2,500 employees and serve as a showcase for the chipmaker’s latest IoT technologies. Judging by the promo video from Intel, the building will also be a horrible nag that micromanages employees’ sleep, work commute, exercise, and even what they have for lunch. It’s a bureaucrat’s dream and a regular human’s nightmare.

In classic dystopian surveillance fashion, Intel's future ultra-smart building begins with face recognition. No need for ID badges when the walls know who and where you are at all times. Thousands of sensors scattered throughout the facility will "fit your needs, optimize your day, and ultimately help you live your best life." If you're often tardy for work, the building will nudge you toward carpooling with more punctual coworkers. And at lunchtime, it will let you know when the cafeteria is busiest — because all your colleagues are closely tracked too — and recommend / force you to eat something healthier. Should you find yourself lacking motivation to exercise, the building will also politely remind you to take the stairs now and again.

Actually, when you think about it, this isn't too far from the experience of wearing a present-day smartwatch. The only difference with Intel's new Israel campus will be that it's integrated into your surroundings. And probably has a crimson-red all-seeing eye somewhere observing your every step.

Update: Since publication of this article, Intel has pulled the amusingly dystopian video of its future office building from both Facebook and YouTube.