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Watch a drone's final moments before an eight-year-old golfer annihilates it with a perfect drive

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Eight-year-old Ruby Kavanagh is a world-class junior golfer, and according to her newly updated Instagram profile, a self-proclaimed drone-killer. The young golfer was practicing her drive swing when she hit the ball directly at a $1,299 Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter drone.

At first watch, the video seems almost too well-executed to be real, raising some questions I want answered. How do we know this wasn't a staged moment caught on camera after 12 tries? Why did the drone hover about looking stunned for a second, before falling to the side? Nobody thought, "Hey, maybe we shouldn’t put a drone directly in front of a child with a thunderous golf stroke?" She did seem really sorry though, you guys, and I do have a soft spot for apologetic child golf prodigies.

So two lessons learned here: one, I'm a internet-worn witch that is skeptical of intentional and accidental feats of excellence. Two, if you're an aspiring athlete, demolishing a drone is the perfect intro for your highlight reel.