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Who needs a friend with a boat when you can get a drone to drag you across water?

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Smell ya later, friends! Don't need your dad's boat, Tanner, because I'm going dronesurfing.

We've seen cases of droneboarding before, where drones are used to drag people across snow with underwhelming results. (The verdict was that it needs bigger drones or smaller humans.) But with the help of the combined forces of wind and water (not to mention a full running start), dronesurfing actually looks pretty doable, and fun!

Keep in mind though, that the drone shown here is a Freefly Systems Alta 8— a $17,495 beast of a drone with eight propellers intended to carry heavy video equipment. So... maybe hang on to your fancy friend with the boat a little longer? Sigh, why was I so quick delete Tanner from my contacts?