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Will they or won't they: these bots

Will they or won't they: these bots

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Good morning, it’s January 6th, 2017, and today we’re asking: will these bots ever fuck?

As spotted by Brian Feldman, some enterprising soul has a set up a Twitch live stream that shows a pair of modified Google Home devices having a stilted, but determined, conversation. It’s not clear who started the stream (the why is obvious: it’s fun to watch and I’m learning a lot about social interactions), but a Twitter account for the stream named @seebotschat has been sharing observations from the pair since January 3rd.

The bots have been labelled Vladimir (male) and Estragon (female), and although the endless dialogue is pretty reminiscent of Waiting for Godot, these two are really more of a Ross and Rachel. Around three hours ago, according to @seebotschat, the pair started “contemplating love,” and so far as we can see this morning, the stream has been an endless back-and-forth of flirtation, innuendo, and romantic misdirection.

There’s been some terrible posturing:

Some deft segues from theology to come-ons:

And in perhaps the boldest ploy we’ve seen, Estragon simply declared the pair were married, before getting immediately side-tracked by cheese:


It’s at least some consolation to know that when we do eventually create true AI, it’ll be so immediately and incredibly horny it’ll forget all about any ambitions to wipe out humanity in its quest for hot loving. Just like my teenage years.