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Apple’s Thanksgiving ad encourages you to do wild gymnastics with your AirPods in

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Apple’s Thanksgiving ad this year teaches us that if we all wear AirPods, we can transport ourselves into a Stranger Things-esque world — minus the monsters and the grime — filled with ballet and sexy lighting. Then, by pirouetting through the streets and picking lint off strangers’ jackets, we, too, can find love. (That is, until the Sam Smith song ends.)

The music video ad is a weird, almost literal interpretation of Sam Smith’s “Palace,” except instead of the woman’s head being filled with ruins, it’s filled with romantic spotlights and plenty of wild gymnastics.

While it doesn’t encourage me to give Apple $159 for a pair of electric toothbrush head-like ear accessories I would definitely lose in the snow if I were to attempt to dance like that, the video might make others fall under the spell of the spending-crazed holiday magic: