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These Thanksgiving-themed cover songs are stuffed with corniness

These Thanksgiving-themed cover songs are stuffed with corniness

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If you’re looking for some sick holiday jams to liven up your turkey binge today, look no further! YouTube and Twitter are full of the perfect holiday-themed covers to get you in the spirit to eat until you vomit.

A holiday cover is exactly what it sounds like: a popular song, rewritten and performed with lyrics about, say, Thanksgiving. Twitter user @LydiaBurrell has a running thread featuring clips from these songs if you just want to sample what’s available — a mix of songs like “Despacito,” “Hello,” and “Blank Space.” I’ve hand-picked a few of my favorites for you:

But YouTube houses many more of these treasures. The Holderness Family is especially prolific in the holiday-themed covers department (and they make up a lot of the original Twitter thread). This year, they gifted us with this “MASH-up” (get it? Do you get it??) of “Sia, Chandelier and Despacito.”

They had me at the recorder solo.

Few things are as pure, however, as YouTuber Hardstop Lucas parodying T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” to express his sheer excitement about eating a lot. “A day of free food I don’t have to say it twice,” is the most relatable sentence I’ve heard all year.

But no holiday post would be complete without Nicole Westbrook’s hot track “It’s Thanksgiving,” a song too good to even be a parody. If the song is giving you Rebecca Black “Friday” vibes, good ear! Both songs were produced, and written or co-written, by Patrice Wilson.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for everyone who made it through this post.