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This literal gravy train is here to ruin Thanksgiving

This literal gravy train is here to ruin Thanksgiving


Chew chew!

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Gravy is a magical thing. It can rescue even the most bland holiday meals. But too much of anything can be a bad thing, even gravy — especially when it’s being blasted from the tiny cannon of a toy boat strapped to a plastic train.

That mad lib sentence will make more sense when you watch the above video. In it, intrepid YouTuber and sauce delivery pioneer William Osman gives in to the apparent demands of his viewers and tries to make a literal gravy train.

A few grocery store and drilling montages later, he has something that is kind of in the same ballpark as the gravy train from Coraline. His version, which uses a toy boat instead of a gravy boat, clearly has more kinks to be worked out. But the resulting mess is fun, and it’s a blast (get it??) to watch him try to get everything working.

In a second video uploaded today, Osman uses a laser cutter to slice through a turkey. That went... less well:

Happy Thanksgiving!