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Unfortunately, this Steve Jobs figurine may not ship in time for the holidays

Unfortunately, this Steve Jobs figurine may not ship in time for the holidays

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Photo: Dam Toys

Everyone has that Apple fanatic on their holiday gift list — but what to buy for the Apple fan who already has everything? I wish I could say the answer was this one-foot tall Steve Jobs figurine from Dam Toys, which comes with 10 different accessories and three pairs of interchangeable hands. Yes, three pairs of hands: one pair of “open hands” and two pairs of the “relaxed hands” that Jobs was so famous for.

Using this figurine, you could recreate great moments in Apple keynote history, like Jobs scrolling through the first iPad, or Jobs posing with an Apple he has taken exactly one bite out of. The set also comes with a miniature version of the very first MacBook Air, though you’ll need to construct your own miniature manilla envelope in order to truly recreate the keynote moment.

Honestly, the attention to detail here is quite good. Just look at the texture on that chair:

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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The figurine seems to have been announced a week or so ago, but tragically for holiday shoppers, there’s no guarantee it’ll be shipping soon. One retailer is taking pre-orders (for $193) through December 14th and has the shipping date listed as “TBA.” Even if it does ship on the 14th, that’s too close for comfort. And since this older Steve Jobs model with swappable hands is no longer on sale, it seems like you’ll just have to wait until next year.