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This Japanese dad totally owned his daughter’s boyfriend at video games

This Japanese dad totally owned his daughter’s boyfriend at video games


‘He’s not fit to be my daughter’s boyfriend’

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

It’s a typical moment from a cartoon or sitcom — the dad meets his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time and promptly threatens bodily harm if his little princess isn’t taken care of. In this Japanese tweetstorm though, things take an unexpected and hilarious turn.

Twitter user @buppa_stone live tweeted meeting his daughter’s boyfriend in tweets that were then translated by SoraNews24 into English. The first tweet reads: “My daughter just introduced her boyfriend to us.” By the timing of the tweet, this presumably happened right after her daughter got home from the junior high school she attends.

After chatting with his daughter’s boyfriend, who buppa_stone refers to as “this punk kid,” he realizes that they both love playing Guilty Gear, a series of competitive fighting video games by Arc System Works that have been around since 1998 and are still quite popular.

His daughter’s boyfriend proposes to take down buppa_stone, which definitely gets the dad’s blood boiling. “Gamers like him who use the character Slayer are shitheads,” buppa_stone rages on Twitter, referring to the charismatic middle-aged vampire character who fights with his fists and has a lot of lifesteal.

Credit: Shoryuken

Two hours later, buppa_stone tweeted out, “10-6!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s over!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re done here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Then, after his crushing victory, the dad declared that the junior high school kid wasn’t fit to be his daughter’s boyfriend, saying, “I’m the worst in my family at Guilty Gear Xrd R2, and this wet-behind-the-ears kid can’t even beat me? He shouldn’t be allowed in our house.”

By now it’s dinner time and the rest of his family has grown fed up with buppa_stone’s antics and presumably all the bragging he did in real life over defeating a middle school kid. Less than 10 minutes later, he noticed that no one made him anything to eat.

“I got kicked out of the house, so I’ll go buy some cigarettes and rice balls,” he tweeted, possibly heading towards a convenience store. Nearly an hour later, he concluded his story with a moment approaching, but never quite arriving, at somber self-reflection. “They finally let me back in, but still, there’s no dinner for me,” he writes. At least in his fatherly age, buppa can still hold his own in Guilty Gear, even if it doesn’t win him any favors with his family or a home-cooked meal.