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Let this Pikachu body pillow be your emotional support in 2018

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Pokémon Center Online

I've always liked the idea of an anime body pillow, but there's never really been a character I've loved enough to snuggle up next to its full-sized replica. Until just now, when I laid my eyes on this massive Pikachu tail body pillow.

The Japanese Pokémon Center Online merch store just put this Pikachu tail-pillow up for pre-order at 8,500 yen ($75.50), and it'll only be available until January 16th, 2018. It measures in at 42.5 by 16 inches for the body pillow form, and 2,700 yen ($24) for the smaller cushion form. But why would you want this tiny pillow when you can have a large, severed Pikachu tail hanging out in your bed?

Tiny cushion, bad.
Pokémon Center Online
Severed Pikachu tail, good.
Pokémon Center Online

If Pikachu's not really your jam, you can also opt for this Eevee tail pillow, which kind of looks like a beauty blender.

Pokémon Center Online

If you live in Japan, sorry to burst your bubble but these fluffy hug pals won't be shipped out until May 2018. And as with everything pure and good in this world, the pillows aren't available on US sites at the moment, but hopefully they'll make their way over soon. At least we still have plenty of merch to choose from here, like this Pikachu wireless iPhone charger.