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Watch every day from Groundhog Day at the same time

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Watch every day from Groundhog Day at the same time

Update February 3rd: Unfortunately the video has been blocked by Sony and we couldn’t find a mirror. Sorry folks — you’ll have to watch the film and/or edit it into a single day yourself.

Groundhog Day is a rare film, managing to balance the weight of its central conceit with actual character development and laughs. (Bill Murray as weatherman Phil Connors takes the lion’s share of the credit there.) But, unless you’re a fan of repeat-repeat viewings, you might not have appreciated just how well the movies manages to replicate that single day that Connors is trapped in. Today on Groundhog Day itself, you can take a moment to take it all in, with the YouTube video “Groundhog Day - Every Day in One Day.”

It’s a little confusing, of course, but the video shows fantastically well how the film pays attention to the detail in each repeated scene, right down to people strolling by in the background. Plus, by watching all the days at once you can see how Connors’ response to his situation develops: from bafflement, to irritation, to hedonism, then suicide, altruism, and beyond. And, not coincidentally, you’ll probably feel like watching the film again.