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This gesture-controlled ‘screen’ is projected onto water droplets and looks cool as hell

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Its creator wants to use it for light shows at concerts

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I’ve seen quite a few amazing videos using light projection, but I’ve never seen someone combine light projection with gesture control and use a cloud of fine water droplets as a 3D, volumetric display. But that’s what designer Joanie Lemercier has done in his experimental video above.

Speaking to The Verge, Lemercier says his combination of mist and light allows him to create “true volumetric projections” while adding gesture control lets someone transform the display around them. It’s similar to work we’ve seen at SIGGRAPH in years past creating interactive volumetric displays using fog — but on a bigger scale. Lemercier says his current setup can fill a space 12 meters across, with an adjustable depth of up to 80 centimeters thick. But, he says, “there is no limit in size. We're planning on creating large versions for performances at outdoor festivals.”

“Projections on water have been done before, but it's rarely used in the art world and music industry,” he says. “The combination of an invisible display and gesture control required really expensive tech — we're going to make it accessible.”