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Intrepid woman makes breakfast by disassembling her PC

Intrepid woman makes breakfast by disassembling her PC

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It gets boring having the same office meal every day. Sandwich. Salad. Sandwich. Leftover pasta. Another sandwich. But what are you going to do instead, bring in raw ingredients from home, disassemble your PC, light a small fire in your office, and use your computer as an impromptu frying surface to cook a nice hot lunch?

Yes. Yes you are. At least you are if you’re the woman in this video, in which she does exactly that to make her breakfast. A flying propeller picked off the floor serves as a spreading device for the batter of the pancake she’s making, while a desk ornament serves as kindling for the fire, to be placed inside her computer to heat the surface. She has the sense to remove the innards from the PC case before placing the heat source inside, allowing her to cook her breakfast, clean the smoke residue, and get right back to work — once she’s reassembled her PC, anyway.

Co-workers seem remarkably unfazed by the smell of burning wood and cooking pancake, let alone the flames licking out of her PC case, suggesting that either that this is a deliberate bit done for the video, or that she just disassembles her PC and cooks lunch on it so often they’ve given up asking her to stop: the YouTube channel seems to suggest it’s the latter. Other videos show the same woman cooking steaks on tiles, making hotpot with a water dispenser, and popcorn with a coke can, all in her office, as her long-suffering colleagues try desperately to get on with their work.