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Microsoft provided Tim Cook with a Surface Pro 4

Microsoft provided Tim Cook with a Surface Pro 4

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Microsoft provided Apple CEO Tim Cook with a toaster and a refrigerator recently, neatly packaged into a Surface tablet. The software giant supplied 300 Surface Pro 4 devices for the latest China Development Forum, and Tim Cook was in attendance. Microsoft appears to have placed its tablets on the desk areas for attendees, providing the ability to ask questions electronically and use Office apps from the machines.

Most attendees appear to have moved, or thrown, the Surface Pro 4 once the conference started, at least according to many photos published online. While we don’t know what Tim Cook did to the toaster and refrigerator combination, a picture of his name card next to a Surface Pro 4 is making the rounds on Twitter. It's certainly not the first time that Cook has been pictured near a Windows machine. Cook tweeted an image of a Mac Pro production line with Macs running Windows nearly three years ago.

As a tablet-laptop hybrid probably isn’t “pleasing” to Cook, I’d assume he simply used the Surface Pro 4 as an iPad stand. We’ve seen CNN commentators prop their iPads up on Surface Pro devices before, so it's entirely feasible. Apple insists the iPad Pro is a real computer, so why would Cook need the Surface Pro for more than an elaborate iPad stand anyway?

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