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Clippy looms over Manhattan in this building design proposal

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‘It looks like you’re designing an eyesore’

Scoffing at ludicrous building design proposals are a part of daily life when you live in New York City — just ask our friends at Curbed. But a new idea from an architecture studio called Oiio is especially insane because oh my god that skyscraper is Clippy.

If you never had the pleasure of using Microsoft Office in the late 1990s or very early 2000s, you should know that Clippy was a simultaneously adorable and antagonistic animated companion that constantly served up suggestions on how to do things like format a letter. It was a widely hated feature, so building something that looks just like it into the skyline — especially after learning that Clippy was especially hated in focus groups for “leering” too much — seems like a pretty bad idea.

Oiio claims that the U-shaped design of the proposed building would make it the “world’s longest” skyscraper, though it would be dwarfed in actual height by existing megastructures like the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower. Let’s be real here — bragging that this would be the “world’s longest skyscraper” is about as empty a claim as a Manhattan deli selling the “world’s best coffee.” Hey Oiio, it looks like you’re trying to invent a world record. Would you like some help with that?