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A robot is burning every one of Donald Trump’s tweets so you don’t have to

A robot is burning every one of Donald Trump’s tweets so you don’t have to

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BurnedYourTweet robot

Donald Trump’s tweets seem to provide some catharsis for the man himself, allowing him to work out some anger at Hillary Clinton, leakers inside his own administration, and FAKE NEWS. But each one is also an opportunity for his opponents to work out their own frustrations, quoting and replying to his messages with their own sick burns.

It’s difficult, though, given how often Trump tweets, to think of witty replies to each of his wild statements. That’s where new Twitter account @burnedyourtweet comes in. The account replies to each Trump tweet with a short video showing a robot printing the tweet out and grabbing it with a claw, before setting it on fire and dumping it in an ashtray.

The account is just getting started, but if the president keeps up his tweet schedule, then someone’s going to need to change the ashtray pretty often. It’s not clear who that would be — nobody has claimed the machine as yet — although it has got the seal of approval from the internet’s queen of shitty robots. Perhaps it simply coalesced, an artificial intelligence identifying the internet’s strong need for sick Trump burns, and building a device accordingly.

The robot also makes no direct comment on each of the tweets in the videos, but the message seems clear. The fact it’s a robot doing the firestarting implies even more derision — the maker thinks so little of Trump’s words that they won’t even burn them manually. It’s the Platonic ideal of the internet’s own sick burn: a literal burning, performed by cold, calculating machine.