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We’ve run out of things to crush, which is bad news for this Furby

On YouTube’s Hydraulic Press Channel, we’ve watched as a can of spray paint got crushed. And we’ve watched as obscure athletic gear got crushed. We even watched as a group of gummy bears got crushed. Truth is, we’ve run out of things to crush, and now it’s nostalgia’s turn.

Motherboard calls this pressing the “gruesome death” that Furby deserves, and the many YouTube commenters who apparently requested the video seem to agree. “Thank you for taking out such a dangerous creature!” one user wrote. “This was the best video in a while,” wrote another.

Other commenters seemed to have a little more heart: “this video is cursed that fucking furby had fear in its eyes. he trusted you.”

At the end of the same video, a block of Lego gets crushed, which apparently was meant to drive home the idea that your childhood is officially over.