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Hans Zimmer performed at Coachella, proving the human body can dance to anything

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Watch a medley of songs from Inception

Legendary film composer Hans Zimmer made his Coachella debut yesterday, performing the music he wrote for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, and Inception, accompanied by a live orchestra.

You can listen to the live performance of the Inception medley in full, courtesy of the festival’s official page — a solid soundtrack if you’re looking to engineer a 10-minute period of escalating panic for yourself. Is that a good way to get work done? Let me know.

Zimmer performs live fairly often, but this is his first music festival, and many festivalgoers noted the dizzying contrast between technically perfect film score reproductions and, for example, a DJ Khaled set.

If you watch the video, you’ll notice that’s Hans himself rocking out on guitar, taking in the sight of an audience trying very hard to know what to do with their bodies:

Zimmer will be touring in Europe and the US all summer, so if you missed out on the Coachella set you might still have another chance to sway to the Bane theme with friends and loved ones.