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One Video: I’m the One by DJ Khaled

One Video: I’m the One by DJ Khaled


Plus Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne, the world’s most bizarre boy band

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Every week, a slew of new music videos hits the web. Watching them at your desk is not time theft because you deserve it; think of it as a nice reward for surviving another work week. But what if you don’t have time to watch every video — maybe you have a deadline, a hungry pet, or other grown-up concerns. In consideration of your schedule, Lizzie and Kaitlyn bring you a series called One Video. Each week we’ll tell you “one video” you need to watch, why, and for how long.

This week’s video: “I’m the One” by DJ Khaled

Lizzie Plaugic: This week’s video is about blessing up, and inviting all your friends over to your house to celebrate your existence. Actually, you call Chance the Rapper and ask him to invite all your friends over to your house. You’re busy! There’s a horse in your backyard!

Kaitlyn Tiffany: “I’m the One” by DJ Khaled was the obvious pick for this week’s One Video because, as we’re constantly reminding you, you deserve it. Within the first seconds of this video, DJ Khaled loops in Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Quavo (one third of the Atlanta rap trio Migos), and Lil Wayne. They spend the whole video palling around, dancing near a nice pool, and lining up to stride dramatically out of some kind of elaborate hedge maze. Sound familiar? It should if you’ve ever seen a music video for a boy band. And friends, this is the boy band the world truly needs.

Who is “I’m the One” executive producer Asahd Khaled?

Lizzie: Asahd Khaled is a baby. Specifically, DJ Khaled’s baby.

Kaitlyn: Asahd is also a mogul, according to his Instagram, which he personally runs, and which his father comments on constantly with words of encouragement like “ASAHD YOU ARE A ICON” and “I love you!!!” and “I love you so much!” Khaled loves baby Khaled so much that it has become a meme, one of the sweetest memes you’re likely to see. Can you believe this internet — the same one where our president posts his tweets, the same one that 4chan exists on, the same one that makes people say things like “I want to move to the woods” — produced a meme where the core joke is “a person loves another person a lot, and it’s funny because it’s just a freakin’ dream?”

Lizzie: I think you could also say that DJ Khaled’s long-standing reign as a human meme has ended, and now he’s passing the crown to his firstborn.

What is special about “I’m the One” by DJ Khaled:

Lizzie: I’m not sure if you Verge readers have heard of a little something called The Streaming Wars, but Chance the Rapper is leading the charge: “We just watching Netflix, she ain't got no cable (okay though).”

Here we learn that Chance is okay with dating a cord cutter. Granted, you probably could’ve guessed that because this isn’t the first time Chance has referenced Netflix. Never Hulu though. Never Hulu.

Kaitlyn: As I said, I think everything about this video is good. Justin Bieber’s new hair — nice. Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled willfully acknowledging that they’ve known each other a long time and it’s because they are pretty old — endearing. Chance the Rapper in a hoodie covered in horses — adorable, I’m going to pass out.

But what’s really special about “I’m the One” is the return of a very good joke called “pretend something that isn’t a phone is a phone.” You can see Lil Wayne doing that here with a bottle of some kind of liquor, and you might remember Young Thug doing it with a stack of money in the video for “No Problems,” or Beyoncé doing it with her foot in the video for “7/11.” Will it ever stop being funny? No, but I have to ask.

How long everyone should watch “I’m the One” by DJ Khaled:

Lizzie: Until Asahd Khaled is a teenager.

Kaitlyn: Until you feel like a teenager.