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It’s 2017 but Moto just released a corporate rap song

It’s 2017 but Moto just released a corporate rap song

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I’m of the firm belief that the rap song describing what just happened in the film you watched — think Men in Black or Deep Blue Sea — is one of humanity’s greatest art forms. But you can’t just take that formula and apply it willy-nilly, as Moto showed this week. The company decided, in the year 2017, to release a one-minute rap video describing its 44-year corporate history. The results are... awkward.

The song was released to celebrate the anniversary of the world’s first call from a mobile phone, made on April 3rd, 1973, by Motorola engineers. The company also invented the phone on which the call was made, an impressive slice of tech history that’s described — and diminished — in a song that rhymes “cellphone” with “cellphone.”

It rhymes “cellphone” with “cellphone”

Of course, the Motorola of the 1973 no longer exists. The company name was bought by Google, who sold it to Lenovo, owners who are apparently happy to commission corporate rap songs. I thought we’d got that whole “everything needs to rap” thing out of our systems by the end of the 1990s?

To be fair, at least it’s not as bad as some corporate songs (take a bow, Infogrames), and the video does have a neat slideshow detailing 40 years of Motorola phones. It may also have one other redeeming factor. Pause it at the two-second mark, and not only will you be spared the full song, but as Phandroid points out, you might catch a glimpse of what could be Moto’s next phone — the still-unannounced Moto X 2017.