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The world record for retweets could be broken over some free chicken nuggets

The world record for retweets could be broken over some free chicken nuggets


Chicken nugget nirvana

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Wendy’s chicken nuggets
Wendy’s chicken nuggets

It began quietly. This morning, Carter Wilkerson‏ asked Wendy’s Twitter account how many retweets he would need to earn a free year’s supply of chicken nuggets.

Like most tweets shouted out to the faceless void of #brand Twitter accounts, it should have ended there.

Except: Wendy’s responded.

18 million retweets. Carter was given an impossible task. A job no one could pull off. In the history of Twitter, the most retweeted tweet ever remains Ellen’s selfie from the Oscars, at 3.3 million retweets, and that was with the star power of 12 of America’s biggest TV and film stars, the hype of the Oscars, and the marketing power of Samsung all behind it. Carter would need 5.45 times that many people to achieve Wendy’s sisyphean task. It should have ended there.

Except: Carter tweeted the following:

At the time of this post, Carter’s tweet has over half a million retweets in under 20 hours. And while that’s a far cry from the 18 million he’ll need to achieve chicken nugget nirvana, if he can keep garnering tweets at the rate he’s going, he’ll break Ellen’s record in a few days. And from there? Anything could happen.

And Twitter does claim to have 313 million active users. Which means that if Carter can appeal to a mere 5.7507987 percent of them, then Wendy’s could be forced to pay up.

Obviously, this is an easy social media win for Wendy’s. Should Carter win, its could fulfill its debt with, say, a bare minimum of a four-piece nugget per day, which in Carter’s hometown of Reno, Nevada, comes out to $395 (including tax, but not including the costs associated with ketchup packets), in exchange for bountiful free publicity. That works out to 12,328.76 retweets for each of the 1,460 nuggets Carter would enjoy.

Whether or not Carter succeeds, it’s up to all of us to try. There exists no more virtuous goal that could unite this often divided social network. So I ask you, fellow Twitter users: join together and help this man con Wendy's out of a years worth of free chicken nuggets.