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These videos end differently than you’d expect

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Some unexpected outcomes from Japanese artist Daihei Shibata

Reality has a way of confounding expectations. For all we’re told about actions and equal reactions, things have a tendency to make unexpected bounces. Zigging when they should be zagging, despite what we are secretly predicting or hoping for.

Perhaps that’s why these video idents by Japanese artist Daihei Shibata are so oddly stirring. They each take a simple scenario — like cleaning a whiteboard — and suddenly swerve off into the unknown. The whiteboard isn’t cleaned; it’s erased. The banana isn’t peeled; it’s just another banana. And so on.

According to Bored Panda, the videos were all made to promote an educational Japanese TV show, Design Ah, which is supposed to show viewers “the fun side of design.” I wouldn’t say I get that impression of the show from these little clips, but they’re nothing if not engrossing. We would GIF our favorites, but they really work best in high definition with Shibata’s background music in place.

So enjoy the videos below: