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President Trump says TiVo is ‘one of the great inventions of all time’

President Trump says TiVo is ‘one of the great inventions of all time’

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President Trump’s fixation with TV and cable news has been well chronicled; he tuned in obsessively during the campaign, and he continues to now from the White House. And like millions of other people who make television a central fixture of their day, Trump seems to be a fan of TiVo. During a recent interview with Time, Trump credited the DVR as “one of the great inventions of all time.”

Now, he said this while fast forwarding through clips from a Senate hearing on Russia’s meddling with the 2016 election — a subject that the president isn’t particularly fond of. So Trump might’ve just been pointing out the utility and convenience of time shifting; it’s unclear whether there’s actually a TiVo box in the White House. But Time also revealed something else that definitely is: Trump has installed a TV with a screen measuring over 60 inches in the dining room. Prior US presidents have also had televisions there, but “usually small ones, no larger than a bread box, tucked away on a sideboard shelf.” Trump was never going to go for that.

Meanwhile, TiVo is still in the DVR business; it introduced the 4K Bolt+ last September. But so is every cable provider. So nowadays, many of the company’s news releases pertain to “reaching intellectual property agreements with” (and thus getting paid by) tech and content giants like Samsung, Netflix, HBO, Roku, and others.