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Adult Swim’s new browser game is Big Buck Hunter with memes

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Big Buck Hunter is an arcade game usually found at dive bars in which players compete to see who can shoot the most deer in a certain amount of time. Big Dank Meme Hunter, as the title suggests, is basically the same thing, except instead of shooting animals, you’re shooting memes (some of which are, admittedly, animals).

As Prosthetic Knowledge points out, the game was created by engineers Alex S (Fuzzy Wobble) and Gabriel Gianordoli for Adult Swim. You can play it on a laptop, desktop, or a TV. The best part: you can use your smartphone as a rifle (although you can also just use a mouse or trackpad). The setup is pretty simple: if you choose to transform your smartphone into a meme-killing machine, this man in the game will walk you through the calibration process:


He’s great. I had almost as much fun calibrating my rifle as I did playing the game. Plaid Hunter Man also admits that the game itself is a bit buggy and the smartphone rifle isn’t perfect: “Your rifle will experience drift and become uncalibrated quicker than shit off a shovel.” But it’s simple to recalibrate.

The drift, on the other hand, posed a bigger problem. I found it difficult to shoot with much accuracy as the levels progressed, though I did have a few kills. (And, if I can be honest with you, I’m not that good at Big Buck Hunter to begin with.)


Still, I had a swell time, and what more can we ask from a random browser game on a Friday morning? Adult Swim characters and random memes both show up in the various BDMH landscapes: Naked Eric Andre, Dat Boi, Left Shark, Steve Brule, and Guy Fieri all scurried across the screen while I was playing.

Is this going to be your new favorite thing to do online? I don’t know, probably not! (You’d have to watch the calibration tutorial every time, and although it’s fun once or twice I can see it getting old.) So just enjoy this now, because if there’s anything we know for sure, it’s that memes never last.