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Russian father and son turn car into working Transformer that fires guns

Russian father and son turn car into working Transformer that fires guns

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Photo: Ruptly

A father-son duo in Russia has remade an old VAZ-2110 Lada into a robot inspired by the Transformers movies, cartoons, and toys. Gennadiy and Sergey Kocherga reportedly spent six months on the project, then took it to a stunt show in Oryol (a small city slightly south of Moscow) to show it off.

The shape-shifting is impressive, and if these guys wanted to make a low-rent version of Michael Bay’s popular film franchise without the Mark Wahlberg element or dinosaur-themed prequel, I would be interested. Maybe a slow-burn dramedy with lovingly handcrafted car robots would be something we would all enjoy. What if someone we all love, like Donald Glover’s character in the slow-burn dramedy Magic Mike XXL, starred in it? Am I giving away the blueprint to film festival fame? It certainly seems like it.

Lada cars are so unreliable — clunky and shoddily made — that they’ve become a meme in Russia. We’ve seen pranksters in Russia use old Ladas and other Soviet-era cars for curling practice. As long as there are Ladas, it seems, people will drive them and then do something very weird and probably dangerous when they want to get rid of them. And they just might ride that to viral fame.

However, sorry to be a buzzkill, this endearing father-son after-school project is outfitted with guns that in fact make it a really dangerous and terrifying machine. So, A-plus for creativity and mechanical know-how, and thank you for the viral video, but please never do that again. The next car can just turn into a robot guy with no guns.

The fifth Transformers film, which involves time travel and King Arthur personally sparring with car robots, is set to debut on June 23rd.