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With nothing left to sell, RadioShack is selling itself to people

With nothing left to sell, RadioShack is selling itself to people

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Tons of electronics stores have shuttered over the past decade, but few are as tragic as RadioShack, which filed for bankruptcy in 2015, appeared to be rescued by Sprint in agreement to co-share the stores, then got kicked to the curb and had to file for a second bankruptcy this past March. The new agreement means hundreds of RadioShack shops will officially close down and be replaced by Sprint stores, fizzling out dreams of the Maker movement.

So while this is an end to another chapter of our American electronics retail culture, we do have to wonder: how are the folks at RadioShack doing? I mean, it seems like they were accepting their fate...

Double exclamation marks, eh? RadioShack, I’m pretty good at disguising sadness with perkiness, too, and I see right through you.

The sale on leftover stocks of electronics also appears to have come and gone, with only mostly store fixtures, ladders, and carpet tiles seemingly left on offer.

RadioShack did not answer on whether it had other kinds of useful tools left for sale.

Hey, we’re sad to see you go as a result of the new internet shopping era, too. But this seems like a public cry for attention. RadioShack, if you’re listening, we’ll miss you, we will! But do you really want your last moments to be remembered as the folks who thirstily promoted garbage cans to stay alive?